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From Educator to Entrepreneur.

Branding and Marketing for the Rest of Us™

Can an English teacher become a successful business owner? Of course!

For most of my professional life, I was an educator: I taught all grades from Pre-K through college level, but primarily middle and high school students. I loved being a teacher. I was an excellent, award-winning teacher. This was my first career.

Several decades later, however, I decided to go into sales, both direct sales and corporate C-level sales and sales management. I loved being in sales. I was an excellent, award-winning sales person. This was my second career.

Then, in 2008, right in the middle of the Great Recession, I decided that I never wanted to work for anyone else again, and I decided to start a business. I merged the skills, experience, and expertise of my first two careers into my third career as an entrepreneur.

Now, over twelve years later (2008 – 2020), I have three separate but related companies and a podcast. I love being an entrepreneur. I am an excellent and award-winning entrepreneur.

Teaching others how to be a successful entrepreneur is what I do. It is what I want to  do for you.

Through writing, editing, branding, marketing, publishing, speaking, and podcasting, I can help you and show you what you want and need to know to be successful in your entrepreneurial journey.

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**I enjoyed my twelve years of entrepreneurship from 2008 – 2020; and now I am enjoying being retired!**

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Rod Keys

I hired Pamela to proofread, edit and upload my book "The Echoes" for Kindle publication. Pamela did a totally professional and complete job saving me the embarrassment of my numerous typos and errors. Pamela is a pro! I recommend her to all. I'll use Pamela on my next book!

Yancey Mix

Pamela Hilliard Owens comes recommended for her work, effort and being a skilled editor and publishing company. She will help launch you to the next level to help your dream become a reality. If you're looking for that look no further.

Anthony Verner

Pam has a great approach to business, outstanding communication and writing skills. Over a period of around 18 months Pam delivered on every promise that she made. I recommend Pam for any task that you have for her.


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