How did an English teacher start a business in the middle of the Great Recession in '08 and grow one company to three companies and a podcast over the next ten years? Well, I tell you in my newest book! Information! Education! Inspiration! Thank you for your support!

It Takes Ten Years to Become an Overnight Success!: The year-by-year story of my first ten years as a freelance business owner: 2008 -2018
By: Pamela Hilliard Owens

In the middle of 2008, a determined woman who is a former teacher, a former college professor, and a former sales manager decides to start a business so she will no longer have to work for others. It was also the middle of the Great Recession, but she wasn't thinking about that. She was really just thinking about opening the next month. Relying on her writing and editing skills, and her sales experience, she opens her doors on July 7, 2008. One year passes, and then another and another. As a freelance business owner, she experiences the highs and lows that all business owners go through. But one day, she looks around, and it has been TEN YEARS since she started and she's a success, with three separate but related businesses and a podcast! Success just didn't happen overnight, but it did happen.

Pamela Hillard Owens