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I am no longer accepting new Detroit Ink Publishing clients. Please click the button below to visit the DIP Marketing course page for information about the new book marketing course. Detroit Ink Publishing started out, not as a publishing business, but as a writers’ mastermind group. Three creative guys who were longtime friends—Keith, Robert, and Cornelius—met monthly to explore ideas, encourage each other to finish writing projects, and research ways to get their work out to the public. In 2012, these three accomplished men made one of the best decisions in their lives: they invited Keith’s wife, Pamela Hilliard Owens, an experienced academic and business writer and editor to join the Mastermind group. Since Pam had already started a very successful writing and editing business in 2008, Writing It Right For You, and already had worked with several authors, she immediately turned the mastermind group into a publishing business, and Detroit Ink Publishing was launched.


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DIP Testimonials.

Amy S. Hilliard

Working with Detroit Ink Publishing was great! I had been wanting to get an eBook version of my book done for a long time. Detroit Ink Publishing delivered the total package from formatting through distribution seamlessly! Importantly, the responsiveness to edits and the ability to meet my tight timeline was awesome. I’d highly recommend them to aspiring and established authors everywhere.

Ashanti Shibaz

As a first time writer and wanting to publish my book, I had no idea where to start. At my initial meeting with Mrs. Pamela Hilliard Owens, she answered all of my questions and alleviated all of my concerns. She kept me well informed at every step of the process. Pamela and Ivan were always available to answer all of my questions. Their attention to detail was most impressive, bringing to my attention things that I missed. The prompt, professional and excellent service at Detroit Ink Publishing would meet and exceed any of the other major publishing companies...they have a customer for life!

Chuck Keys

The purpose in writing my book, “Cutting Edge Small Business Strategies” was to take the frustrations out of running a small business, from start-up to the present – to address the issues in a book (a living breathing resource) that was easy to read and easy to carry (in a brief case or purse). I remember when I started my business career – I didn’t have anyone to help or offer advice. If there was a source for support, the price tag was way beyond my means. Most of my friends and family thought I was crazy for wanting to work for myself. The loneliness was over-whelming. Hence, my life long desire to help others in Business Survival through Business Coaching/Consulting gave birth to writing my book. After I wrote the book, went through self-edit after edit, I knew the next step was working with a professional editor. Your support, in words, thoughts and actual deeds was “dynamite.” Your attention to details, language and organization made the difference. Before I gave you the book I thought it was fantastic – but after your editing and publishing help (with the book and cover), I was overwhelmed. You made a huge difference. I think what I appreciate the most about your support, is that you helped me deliver on a promise I made to myself – to help others in business and in need to “survive and thrive in the 21st Century." Thank you again!

Stephanie Wall

Looking for someone to get you moving? Pamela is that person. I am simply blown away by the timely and professional service that I received. The process of writing my first book was at a standstill. I had my thoughts on paper, that is as far as I had come in my dream to be a published author. Pamela helped me get organized; editing my manuscript and working with me to get the perfect design for the book cover. All of our business was conducted via telephone and email. I am super busy, as is she, so I can appreciate her respect for deadlines. I have recommended her to my friends, family, and co-workers. I highly recommend her services. I don't know where I would be without her helping me with the project. She is not only a professional, she is also a kind-spirited and lovely person. She meets you where you are, and works to develop the dream in your head into a finished wonderful product.

C. Ann Bernadette

As a new author, I was somewhat surprised by the complexity involved in translating a story held in thought into characters on a page, and ultimately bringing a writing project to fruition. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to Pam Hilliard Owens for guiding me through this process, and also for the times she got me through the “freak out” moments. I am pleased and honored to step in line behind such talented Detroit story tellers who capture the passion and history of this city – the feelings behind Detroit’s tough exterior and varied stories - for future generations to come. Much appreciation that you keep on advancing published works, and you keep on caring DIP!

Lakelia "Blackbyrd" DeLoach

Looking for a great, professional, timely, wonderful editor? Check out Pamela Hilliard Owens, she recently did my editing for my book and I can honestly say, I am beyond pleased. Great feedback, great prices, great person!

John E. Lawrence

Pamela Hilliard Owens of (Detroit Ink Publishing) is nothing short of amazing. Words cannot express the way I felt when I saw the finished edited version of my book for the first time. Pam you are a true professional. You have taken my manuscript and turned it into a masterpiece. Thank you for your hard work and knowledge as an editor. Your command of the English language has transformed my book into a literary work that can be published and hold its own against all of the educational books written on the music business. I am confident that my book will be the type of book that can inspire change the lives of musicians the world over. I appreciate the way you walked me through the stages of the editing and publishing process. You stayed in touch with me so I could be in involved every step of the way. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you on my next book.

F.R. Wilson

Working with Pam and her staff at Detroit Ink Publishing has been a pleasure. They have been such a capable companion and resource to my writing journey. No question went unanswered and no concern went unnoticed. As a new author, I appreciated how they walked me through the process, guiding me in such a professional way so that I could concentrate on what I wanted to do: the writing. I didn’t have to worry about the business side of things; they handled everything with knowledge and competency, helping me to realize my dream of becoming a published author. My first three books are now published, and I am looking forward to the publishing of my fourth book very soon, and to several more books to come! Thank you, Detroit Ink Publishing, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Chez Raginiak

In my business of professional speaking I talk to my clients about the importance of creating a fabulous first impression. As it turns out it counts for about 1/3 of our success, so … don’t ignore it. Recently, it occurred to me that FIRST IMPRESSION happens not only face-to-face but also phone-to-phone (or ear-to-ear, if you wish) and even email-to-email. Well, from the very first email I received from Pamela (when I was looking for help with translating my second book to more languages) to the very last one, she impressed me with her kindness, precision, professionalism, and respect for deadlines. She is a joy to work with, a rose in a bouquet of millions of other editors, and a true professional. I highly recommend her services. When you work with her, you may not only end up with a great product, you may also make a life-long friend… like I did.

Asha Meaders, Books by Kids 4 Kids Author

Working with Pamela has been great! I was a published author just within a few weeks! She helped my dream come true, and has helped me so much through this publishing process. I was so impressed by how fast she works and does such good quality work. I am the first Books by Kids 4 Kids Author, which is an honor. Pamela saw my vision and took it to the next level, I am now a published author at the age of 17!