My Medium Publications.

In 2020, I decided to write all of my blog posts in Medium.


I write and publish three articles per week in my Medium account.


I invite you to follow me on Medium, become a fan, and clap for and leave a comment on the stories that you enjoy.


You can read three (3) articles per month for free.


You can also join Medium for $5/month or $45/year to read unlimited stories from all Medium authors.


I have divided up my Medium Stories into three different publications:


Pam’s Passions: Stories about my personal thoughts, my causes, and my life; published on Tuesdays.


Detroit Ink Publishing: Stories about writing and publishing books, and marketing your books successfully as an independent author; published on Wednesdays.


Your Business Your Brand Creatively: Stories about apps, systems, productivity, and entrepreneurship; published on Thursdays.